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Specialists in appliance repair in St Louis often emphasize the importance of getting your fridge or air conditioner to an expert repairman whenever something goes wrong. But would you still need an appliance repair service in the first place had you taken proper care of your machine?

Here at All City Appliance Repair of St Louis, we have seen many cases when proper maintenance could have eliminated or at least minimized costly damages before they happened. Following are a few simple tips you can use exactly for this purpose.

5 Tips to Keep Major Appliances in Good Order

Appliance maintenance may seem like a less important task than some others. However, aside from keeping required repairs at a minimum, it will also help you keep your main appliances from consuming too much electricity, operating less efficiently and taking up more of your time.

Here are 5 maintenance ideas every quality appliance repair service should tell you about whenever you buy a new household appliance:

  • Refrigerators: Most refrigerators use a forced-air condenser which has the role of air-cooling your compressor. Cleaning your condenser of lint and pet hair as consistently and frequently as possible will keep your fridge’s compressor from overheating and causing significant damage, leading to expensive refrigerator repairs.
  • Washers: The number one reason why most washing machines break down is overuse. Don’t be too eager to add heavy or off-balanced loads, as this can potentially destroy your washer.
  • Ovens: If you own an oven or a range that has a self-cleaning feature it may be best to avoid it partially or even entirely in some cases. Not only are the fumes emitted toxic, but the extreme heat built-up during the self-clean cycle can even cause various parts and components to fail, leading to a service call for an oven repair.
  • Dishwashers: When it comes to dishwasher, avoiding appliance repair services in the long run is quite easy: simply rinse your dishes slightly before loading them into your machine. Excess food and debris can get clogged up inside the pump and cause a dishwasher break down.
  • Dryers: Finally, with dryers, cleaning the lint screen and keeping the vent line clean will not only maintain your clothes’ neat appearance, but will also ensure that your machine lasts far longer without the potential danger of a dryer problem such as a fire.

Our Appliance Repair Shop

At All City Appliance Repair of St Louis, we have seen firsthand how ignoring just one of the above-mentioned recommendations has lead to the damage of even the most advanced (and costly) appliances out there.

If you’re interested in additional maintenance tips, advice for simple DIY tasks or recommendations with regards to commercial appliance repair considerations, do not hesitate to contact us as possible regardless of the type, brand or model of appliance you own, and we will provide you with some quick advice to help you in keeping your household electronics at their highest standards.

Also, for anything from simple, same day appliance repair to advanced repair tasks, we can offer you our full support with the help of our highly skilled and experienced repair technicians.

Making sure your appliances are in good working order is the key to higher efficiency, lower repair costs and less hassle. With the help of our services, you can be sure that you’re getting the best support and advice that money can buy.