Oven Repair – The Do’s and Don’ts

Appliance brands repaired by All City Appliance RepairIf your stove is no longer working correctly, you could be tempted to begin your own stove repair project to get it running again. For small and simple problems, this can work, but with the number of risks associated with the heating element of your stove, anything you do not immediately understand how to fix on your own calls for an appliance service company for professional oven repair in St Louis.

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When your stove stops working and you want to get food on the table, the best and simplest solution is to call a 24-hour appliance repair service like All City Appliance Repair. Knowing, however, that your stove has problems, there are a few safety do’s and don’ts to keep in mind before your service technician arrives on the scene:

DO: Turn off electricity to the stove. This seems obvious, but it can be easily forgotten about, since most stoves do not have a simple wall socket to unplug them from. It could be necessary to cut power to the entire kitchen in order to be sure that the stove is not receiving electricity. Stove repair should only take place once the electricity is off in order to minimize the risk of fire.

DON’T: Try to work on a gas stove yourself. If you have a gas stove that is not working correctly, leave it for a stove repair expert to fix. Electric stoves are much simpler to protect yourself against safety problems with, but gas ranges provide the risk of fire, gas leaks, and lots of other problems that are best avoided through professional appliance repairs.

DON’T: Try working on an oven that produces sparks, smoke, or unexpected flame. Whatever the type of oven you are using, anything that carries the possibility of catching fire is a major problem that only an expert should address. Should something go wrong, you must know that you have a chemical fire extinguisher on hand and know the nature of the fire itself. It is a little-known fact that water can make some electrical fires even worse, rather than putting them out.

The Best Way to Approach a Broken Stove Is with an Expert

When you are in need of stove repair, it pays to have an experienced technician on-hand who knows how to prevent all manner of unexpected problems. House fires are nothing to play around with, and, in every case, you will benefit from the help of a company like All City Appliance Repair.

Our technicians have treated, repaired and rebuilt just about every stove on the market, and that kind of experience is something you can never replace. It is the best way to be absolutely sure that your home, your belongings and your personal safety remain intact. This logic extends to your other major home appliances too.  If you need refrigerator repairs, dishwasher service, or you’re having washer/dryer problems, be sure to call in the experts at All City Appliance Repair.

Whenever you are dealing with a gas or electric stove that is not behaving properly, do yourself the favor of shutting off the power and calling in a professional for same-day service. The kind of quick stove repair we specialize in will see you through the day, with a working stove ready by your next breakfast.