Washing Machine Repair Problems Best Left to a Pro

Appliance brands repaired by All City Appliance RepairWe find that oftentimes with our customers, when it comes to washer repair in St Louis, it can be tempting to try to open up your toolkit and see if you can solve the problem yourself, personally. While this is commendable and a great way to save money, there are a few problem points to consider before you begin unscrewing the hinges covering your washing machine.

What Kind of Repairs Should and Should Not Be Done at Home?

washing machine repair

If you are handy with tools, there are few simple washer repair tasks that you can handle to save money. It is possible, for instance to clear out clogged drains or get the agitator to work when it has stopped. Beyond these simple tasks, however, there are a great number of more complex repairs that warrant professional attention.

Anything that requires the replacement of a specific part should be done by an authorized appliance repair service. Major appliance repair replacement items are not always easy to come by and often, only the manufacturer of the washer provides the specific item you need. In this case, it can take a long time for the item to make its way from the manufacturer to you.

Thankfully, All City Appliance Repair carries replacement parts and is fully equipped to meet your washer repair needs without incident. The company has done this for years and seen nearly every kind of advanced appliance repair problem that a household could have, including dryer repairs, oven problems, and dishwasher and refrigerator servicing for St Louis.

How to Know If You Should Call a Repair Specialist

  • If your washer is behaving erratically without an obvious cause, you are most definitely better off calling a trained technician to your home. Trying to figure out what the problem is may make it worse.
  • If there is any chance of flooding, do not attempt to fix your washer by yourself. When water pipes flood, damage spreads wildly throughout the house, even if you only get a few inches of water.
  • A professional should handle any suspicious electrical issues. All City Appliance Repair carries certification for electrical work in all appliance-related repair jobs.
  • Washer repair tasks that require advanced disassembly. You definitely do not want to have to take your entire washer apart. Let an expert who has taken apart hundreds of washers and understands the purpose and placement of every part take care of this for you.
  • Any problem that is connected with the water infrastructure of your home should be taken care of by an expert. Sometimes, it is not just the washer that is to blame, but your home’s piping or water heater that is at the heart of your problems.

If you are dealing with a complex washing machine problem, All City Appliance Repair of St Louis understands your frustration and offers the very best service on the market to help you get your home functioning correctly again. The company has seen every washer repair issue in the book and tackled each one successfully, always keeping your satisfaction as a customer the number one priority.